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Support for development and production lifecycles

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Simplify your infrastructure, empower your developers, and accelerate your journey to the cloud with our expert guidance and powerful Kubernetes solutions.

Cloud Optimisation Advisory

Cloud Cost Monitoring and Advisories

Provisioning, Configuration, and Production Support for:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Kubernetes and Cloud Experts with a Deep IT Background:

With over 12 years of experience in cloud computing and container orchestration, we are specialists in Cloud and Kubernetes management; providing custom software development, change management, and managed services in complex and demanding environments. Our expertise, coupled with our extensive background in ITSM, enables us to design and implement scalable, resilient, and efficient systems tailored to our clients' unique requirements. This translates to:

  • Enhanced Operational Agility: Respond to changing demands faster.

  • Improved Cost Efficiency: Optimise your cloud spend.

  • Increased Innovation Capacity: Focus on what matters – building great applications.

Partner with Perception IT and gain a strategic edge. Our expert Kubernetes and Cloud professionals have the skills and knowledge to evaluate your needs and deliver the right solutions, at the right time.

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Support for development and production lifecycles


Helping Businesses Plan and Optimise


Cloud Optimisation Advisory

We offer advisory services to the development and management teams as to where cloud technologies can be leveraged to reduce internal load.


Cloud Cost Monitoring and Advisories

With cost monitoring from the start, we give you enhanced visibility and control of your cloud spending . Our cost breakdowns allow you to identify areas for optimisation.
A bi-weekly cloud-cost analysis will be conducted and a report will be delivered with recommendations.


Provisioning, Configuration, and Production Support for:

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

We offer tailored support for Cloud Infrastructure and Kubernetes Container Orchestration, including provisioning, configuration, and production support. Our service level agreements (SLAs) are customized to meet your specific requirements, ensuring flexible availability for calls, tasks, and issue resolution, with prioritised support for urgent matters outside standard hours.


Our Smooth Transition Services Offer Several Benefits

Reduced Risk

We assist clients in navigating the complexities of Kubernetes and Cloud, mitigating the risks of common errors and oversights. Our expertise extends to ensuring compliance with pertinent industry regulations and standards, thus reducing the potential for costly legal and operational repercussions.

Improved ROI

We can enhance your cloud and container strategies, ensuring optimised integration and configuration for superior performance and ROI.

Reduced Workload

We can manage the technical intricacies of your cloud and container solutions, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Best Practices

Aligning you with Industry Best Practices

Increased Efficiency & Focus

Best Practice

Organisations are increasingly focusing on core competencies and outsourcing non-core functions like infrastructure management.


Our service allows our clients to free up internal IT resources for core business activities, thus optimising their overall efficiency.

Expertise and Cost Optimisation

Best Practice

Accessing specialised expertise can be more cost-effective than hiring and managing in-house staff, especially for niche areas like AWS and Kubernetes.


Our team's expertise allows clients to benefit from our knowledge and avoid the high costs of acquiring and retaining in-house specialists.

Scalability & Agility

Best Practice

Businesses today require the ability to scale their infrastructure quickly to meet changing demands.


Our service offers clients the flexibility and agility to scale their AWS and Kubernetes environments up or down as needed, supporting their growth and adaptability

Security and Compliance

Best Practice

Maintaining robust security and compliance postures is crucial for modern businesses.


Our expertise in AWS and Kubernetes security best practices helps clients address security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Best Practice

Organisations benefit from adopting a continuous improvement mindset and accessing external expertise for innovation..


Our service provides clients with access to ongoing monitoring, cost optimisation analysis, and the potential for adopting new technologies within our area of expertise.

Standardised Processes and Documentation

Best Practice

We have established processes and documentation for provisioning, configuration, and support.


Our processes align with best practices for consistency, repeatability, and knowledge transfer.

Technological Expertise

Our expertise in the core technologies behind cloud-native applications, including Kubernetes and Cloud, effectively support your development and production lifecycles.

For Cloud

In today's digital world, robust security and compliance are essential for cloud environments. Our team of experts helps you navigate the complexities of cloud security, ensuring your infrastructure is protected and meets regulatory requirements.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Scalable Virtual Machines: Access on-demand computing resources tailored to your specific needs within the cloud, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Secure Object Storage: Store and manage any amount of data, from application data to media archives, with exceptional scalability and durability in a secure cloud environment.
Isolated Virtual Networks: Create secure and controlled network environments with logically isolated virtual networks within the cloud for enhanced security.
Granular Access Control: Fine-tune access control for your cloud resources, ensuring only authorized users have the necessary permissions within your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Application services

Serverless Computing: Build and deploy cloud-native applications that scale automatically without managing servers. Pay only for the resources you use.
Container Orchestration with Kubernetes: Run and manage containerized applications at scale with a highly secure and production-ready orchestration service like Kubernetes. This approach offers increased efficiency, portability, and agility for your cloud deployments.

Networking and Content Delivery

Traffic Routing: Route traffic to your cloud-based applications across multiple regions and internet locations with high availability and scalability.
Global Content Delivery Network (CDN): Deliver content to users globally with low latency and high transfer speeds using a distributed network of edge locations, ideal for cloud-based applications.
Load Balancing: Distribute incoming traffic evenly across your virtual machines or containerized applications within the cloud for high availability and scalability.


Managed Relational Databases: Set up, operate, and scale relational databases in the cloud with pre-configured services for popular engines like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Aurora, simplifying database management within your cloud environment.
Scalable NoSQL Databases: Build highly scalable NoSQL databases for cloud-native applications that require fast performance and limitless data storage.

Serverless Computing

Event-Driven Functions: Develop and deploy functions that respond to events without managing servers. Perfect for microservices and event-driven architectures within your cloud deployments.
API Management: Create, manage, and monitor APIs for your cloud applications, simplifying access and integration.

DevOps Tools

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD): Automate your release pipeline for faster deployments with industry best practices, streamlining your cloud development process.
Automated Build Service: Build, test, and deploy code in a fully managed service that scales automatically within the cloud environment.
Automated Code Deployment: Automate code deployments to various cloud services, streamlining your deployment process for cloud-based applications.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Automate Your Cloud Infrastructure

Unleash the Power of IaC
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) lets you define your cloud infrastructure in code, enabling:
  • Automation & Efficiency: Automate tasks, reduce errors.
  • Repeatability & Consistency: Ensure consistent infrastructure.
  • Version Control & Collaboration: Manage infrastructure alongside code.
  • Scalability & Agility: Easily scale infrastructure as needed.
Choosing the Right IaC Tool:
Terraform vs. CloudFormation
  • Terraform: Open-source, multi-cloud, declarative syntax.
  • CloudFormation: Native to AWS, template-based configuration.
Benefits of Using IaC
  • Reduced Costs: Streamlined provisioning minimises wasted resources.
  • Improved Security: Enforce consistent security policies.
  • Disaster Recovery: Quickly rebuild infrastructure with IaC code.

For Kubernetes

Our team of experts helps you navigate the complexities of securing your Kubernetes environment, ensuring your applications are protected and meet regulatory requirements..

Containerisation Technologies

Standardised Containers: Leverage industry-standard containerisation technologies like Docker containers to package your applications with all their dependencies for consistent and portable deployments across environments.

Kubernetes Orchestration

Kubernetes Expertise: Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the Kubernetes API, controllers, and schedulers to effectively manage and orchestrate your containerised deployments at scale.

Advanced Networking

Container Networking Solutions: Implement Container Network Interfaces (CNI) and industry-leading tools like Calico or Weave Net to establish secure and efficient communication between your containerized applications within the Kubernetes cluster.

Persistent Storage Management

Persistent Storage Strategies: Utilise Persistent Volumes (PVs) and Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs) to provide persistent storage for your containerised applications, ensuring data remains accessible even after container restarts or pod rescheduling.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Logging

Real-time Insights: Integrate industry-standard monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana to gain real-time visibility into the health and performance of your Kubernetes clusters and containerised applications. Additionally, leverage logging solutions like Fluentd for centralised log aggregation and analysis.

CI/CD Pipeline Automation

Streamlined Deployments: Automate your CI/CD pipeline with tools like Jenkins, ArgoCD, or Flux to streamline the development, testing, and deployment process for your containerised applications, ensuring faster and more efficient deployments to your Kubernetes clusters.

Kubernetes Security Hardening

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments: Identify and address security risks and misconfigurations within your Kubernetes cluster.
Least Privilege Access Control (RBAC): Enforce the principle of least privilege to minimize the attack surface.
Network Policy Management: Restrict network traffic flow and control communication between containerized applications.
Secrets Management Best Practices: Securely store and manage sensitive information like passwords and API keys.
Image Scanning & Vulnerability Management: Identify vulnerabilities in container images before deployment.
Cluster Monitoring & Logging: Gain real-time insights into cluster activity for early detection of threats.
Security Policy Enforcement (Seccomp & AppArmor): Further reduce the attack surface by restricting system calls and container capabilities.
CI/CD Pipeline Integration: Automate security checks and enforce security policies throughout the development lifecycle.
Expert Guidance & Support: Benefit from ongoing support and guidance from our Kubernetes security specialists.

Our expertise in DevOps and Cloud can help you to:

Optimise Cloud Deployments

  • Help clients migrate workloads to the cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP) for scalability, cost-effectiveness, and improved performance.
  • Design and implement secure cloud infrastructure using infrastructure as code (IaC) tools like Terraform or CloudFormation.
  • Automate cloud provisioning and configuration management for faster deployments and reduced errors.

Streamline DevOps Processes

  • Implement DevOps pipelines using tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, or Azure DevOps to automate the software development
  • Integrate continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) practices for faster feedback loops and more frequent releases.
  • Improve collaboration between development, operations, and security teams.

Enhance Application Development &

  • Help clients leverage containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes for building, deploying, and scaling microservices-based applications.
  • Implement Git version control for code management and collaboration.
  • Provide ongoing application performance monitoring and optimization.

Additional Benefits

  • Increased agility and speed to market: Faster deployments and streamlined processes help businesses respond quicker to changing market demands.
  • Improved scalability and cost efficiency: Cloud infrastructure and automated processes can scale to meet demand fluctuations while optimizing costs.
  • Enhanced reliability and security: DevOps practices promote secure coding practices and automated testing for a more reliable and secure software environment.

Why choose Perception IT as your DevOps and Kubernetes partner?

Perception IT masters the complexities of DevOps and Kubernetes (K8s), ensuring smooth implementations and optimised operations for your enterprise projects.

DevOps and Kubernetes Expertise

Our team comprises of certified professionals proficient in DevOps practices and Kubernetes orchestration, ready to bring their extensive experience to bear on your enterprise-level projects for outstanding outcomes.

End-to-End Implementation and Optimisation

Leveraging our comprehensive experience in executing projects from inception to completion, we specialise in optimising your DevOps workflows and Kubernetes deployments to enhance performance and efficiency.

Container Management and Orchestration

We address challenges associated with container management and orchestration, ensuring your Kubernetes environment is efficient, scalable, and secure. Our services include solving issues related to deployment, scaling, networking, and storage in a Kubernetes ecosystem.

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